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Sound_AudioInfo Struct Reference

Information about an existing sample's format. More...

#include <SDL_sound.h>

Data Fields

Uint16 format
Uint8 channels
Uint32 rate

Detailed Description

Information about an existing sample's format.

These are the basics of a decoded sample's data structure: data format (see AUDIO_U8 and friends in SDL_audio.h), number of channels, and sample rate. If you need more explanation than that, you should stop developing sound code right now.

See also:
Sound_SampleNew , Sound_SampleNewFromFile

Field Documentation

Uint8 Sound_AudioInfo::channels

Number of sound channels. 1 == mono, 2 == stereo.

Uint16 Sound_AudioInfo::format

Equivalent of SDL_AudioSpec.format.

Uint32 Sound_AudioInfo::rate

Sample rate; frequency of sample points per second.

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