New features are:

  • Removed the need for an /etc/quake2.conf file
  • Write to $HOME/.quake2/
  • Fullscreen support
  • Wheel Mouse support
  • SDL for CDROM and Sound
  • Renamed the renderer to rfx_glx.so and rfx_sdlgl.so.
  • Partially implemented the SDL OpenGL renderer.

  • Things:

  • Quake2maX crashes on vid_restart, changing between renderers and switching to/from fullscreen mode.

  • Files:

    Quake2maX 0.44 Source
    Quake2maX 0.44 Linux Binaries
    Desktop Icon

    You will also need the Quake2maX pak files from the Quake2maX homepage (see link below), get either "Quake2maX 0.44 zip" or Quake2maX 0.44 rar".

    Relevant links:

    Quake2maX Homepage

    Other Links:

    Quake 2 Retexturing Project


    The GLX Renderer


    A Linux port of Knightmare's Quake 2 Engine Modification

    This port is still in progress.   A test release and source for KMQuake2 0.16.   You will need to download the kmquake2 data from Knightmare's page.
    Here is a shot of it running on Linux.