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EE 478: Wireless Haptic Driving System

Winter 2002

Instead of looking where you're going, why not just reach out and feel it instead? Or even better, have some IR rangefinders do the reaching out for you! Now, watch tv, or just close your eyes completely, because they're no longer needed...

What the driver does is grip a force feedback joystick, and adjust the thottle for forward and reverse motion. Objects around will translate as force on the joystick, and it sort of feels like something has been run into something before a collision occured- hopefully the advance warning will allow the driver to steer out of the way.

Sharp Rangefinders
FM modulation
RadioMetrix BIM2
Windows serial communication
Force Feedback with the Microsoft DirectX SDK
Windows gui I developed for the system, with plenty of help from SDK Example code as well as from the Codeproject libraries linked above. It somewhat antithetically incorporates visual elements, but only for testing purposes. Some of the gui code, not for redistribution. Old Projects

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