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Collisions Generate Some Kind of Response

A Demo similar two the other two on these pages but with different features and focus.

After a couple of days work, I've got some interesting collision response code more or less working. So far it's just mobile/immobile collision, between small objects and large terrain features. There's some simple boundary box culling but nothing yet so fancy as an octree or the like to go about finding collisions.

In this current incarnation, objects have a bad habit of sinking into and sometimes dropping through the terrain into the void below. This is because I've not implemented any constrained response that would allow objects to rest on a surface without continually bouncing up and down (or sinking, as happens here). It also could be that I'm trying to model mud rather than solid ground...

I was hoping I could craft a sphereical or wheel shaped object and drop it down onto a slope, and then watch it roll down, perhaps stop and fall over. This more or less happens, but crudely.

The terrain tiles become red when they're being tested for collisions. Shadows would help a lot with cueing how close the object is to the ground...

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