...something about a silver-burdened horse...?
written 2001-03-30 15:23:24

Some news. Pay careful attention.

As of today, I am no longer employeed by Loki Software, Inc.

I have journal entries (and believe me, shit's been interesting
recently. :)  ) that will be sent out when I get organized again, but as
my address list is becoming outdated, I'm scrapping it and starting
over. I've got a lot of addresses that have changed or been shut down,
not to mention that it's been so long that some people have probably
just lost interest in my life.

If you want to get more journal entries, please send me a line. Tell
your friends, too, because I don't know if everyone on my list is even
getting this email.

www.icculus.org will probably go down sooner or later, and I'm in search
of a new home for it.

Do not reply to this address as it will be shut down in a few minutes; I
can be contacted at icculus@linuxgames.com (as opposed to lokigames.com),
effective immediately, and will send further correspondence from there.

Thank y'all, and see you soooner or later.

--ryan. (icculus@linuxgames.com)

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