one for the road.
written 2000-12-09 19:29:52

Okay, I'm really leaving this time, but first, I need to ask if anyone is
in need of a few cats.

I have one momma cat and three adorable kittens that are...well, going to
be put to death if I can't find them a home.

If anyone can provide a loving home, I'll deliver anywhere up or down the
east coast. I don't know what shots these cats need, or if they've been
neutered/spayed, but I will pay the costs to have these things taken care

If anyone can take them, or knows someone who will, please email me at, and I'll arrange to get them to you.

And...ahem...I hate to break up a set, but if you can only take one, then
that's one less that gets put to sleep.

And no, these aren't my cats that I'm abandoning; I'm helping out another
unfortunate soul here.

Let me know. I'll be in the car for the next couple days, but I'll check
my email from the road.

Thanks in advance,

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