A long December.
written 2000-12-09 02:22:39

California has been VERY foggy lately.

I'm talking like Ravenloft-style foggy. You'll walk outside, and it's a
clear night, and then blink. You might think that your eyes didn't clear,
but don't bother rubbing them, the fog has just settled in THAT FAST. I'm
not kidding. It's eerie.

After a few days of this phenominon, I asked if there was a name for it.
There is.


This is as close as California comes to a White Christmas...it's not SNOW
in the air, but it's white nonetheless.

This is sign #2 that I must flee California. And this time, I am.

Not permenently, mind you, but it'll be like growing up; the problem with
running away from home is that you always end up going back. So, for the
time being, back I will come to good ol' Orange County, but not for about
four weeks. I'm considering this Christmas Break for "grown ups," or "burn
outs," if we're calling things by their proper names.

At any rate, this is going to have several significant results:

- I will sleep.
- I will finally get to read Alice in Wonderland.
- I will sleep.
- I will actually get to write some of these past journal entries, so you
can all laugh at my experiences with the California DMV (which
coincidentally, ended today; I finally can drive legally.)
- Did I mention that I will sleep?


It's been a long time since I've seen the ocean; I think I should. This
time, however, it'll be the Atlantic.

See you when I see you.


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