State of the union.
written 2000-10-30 02:14:57

First, thanks for all the kind emails after my run in with espresso
drive-thru. If I were to subdivide, I got several emails in each of three

1) "You can crash at my place if you need to."
2) "Come home."  (These came from Charlotte and Philadelphia, mostly)
3) "About time."

I'm one step ahead of you all. More on this in a moment.

Secondly, thanks for your patience with the silence of the mailing list.
I'm writing humor pieces for on a weekly basis now, and it's
hard to be funny on demand all the time...especially when someone's paying
you to do it elsewhere.

Furthermore, I can't legally talk about the interesting things at work
right now (I hate that shit, but that's how it goes), and the other three
minutes of the day I'm playing ghetto Nintendo, which hasn't produced
interesting conversation since sixth grade when the Princess kissed Link
at the end of Zelda 2.

So, I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive, and I'm
working on something that might be taking me out of California. Nothing is
definite, so, like everything else in my life, it's under a metaphorical
NDA for the time being...hopefully it'll produce some stories in the long
run, if nothing else, and we can all scrape some entertainment from these
emails again.

Anyhow, back to whooping up on some Goombas. Ta ta for now.


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