Some list maintenance...
written 2000-03-19 17:58:19

Some info on this journal mailing list, to keep y'all updated:

...This list is now officially too big for Hotmail. I'll be sending
future mails from my account, so update your
blocking filters accordingly.  :) There is currently exactly 50 people on
the list, which is the Hotmail limit, and people waiting to get on, so
it's got to move. I'm honestly shocked at how many people request this
stuff. And a little flattered, too.

In regards to filters, all list traffic will now have
"[journal]" prepended to the subject (as above), so you can autofilter
the emails into separate folders (or the trash bin, if you like).

An archive of old entries will be going up next week at, in case you want to reminisce or
catch up.

Currently hunting down the following people's email addresses: Chris
Kolobow (he wrote it down for me and I lost it! Damn!), Tony Broadwater,
John Bryant, Michael Prater.

Tell your friends to email me if they want to be added to the list. And,
as usual, no hard feelings if you don't want to be on this list,
either; just drop me a line. In the move to the new email address,
however, I'll assume that people want to remain on the list unless they
speak up...for convenience.

Also, there was a rumor/theory that email addresses on this list were
being harvested by BareBones for spamming purposes. I have checked into
this, and it appears not to be the case. If you get BareBones
advertisements, and don't want them, send a mail to,
and they'll stop sending them to you. There's actually a human being on
the other end of that address, too.

That's all!


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