written 2000-03-14 22:58:34

Hey, y'all.

Greetings from a Palm Pilot IIIc. Using this thing is going to take some
getting used to!

I'm writing this text on a computer that fits in my hand. The way you
enter text on this little device is with a pen-like tool called a
"stylus". There's a little area at the bottom of the screen where you
scribble in a language called "graffiti".  The gist is that you write
invisible letters in this area that seem to me to be a mixture of English
and ancient Greek; indeed, the symbol you write for 'k' is actually a
lowercase alpha. It's very space-efficient; a whole keyboard, including
letters, numbers, punctuation, and foreign characters takes up about
1x1.5 inches.

You find out very quickly how rarely some letters are used, and how often
other ones are...I never realized how many times the letter 'R' comes up
in English until I had trouble writing it.

For certain, there's nothing quite like challenging your basic
assumptions about the alphabet. Or the ability to write e-mail while on
the john. What a tradeoff.

Other than the new horizons, and the fact that this thing has a Java
Virtual Machine and all three Zorks already, there's not much new to
report. Not to mention that it took me about 3.5 eons to write this
much. The things I do for technology.

I'm going to stop promising to write about specific topics on specific
days. I still haven't gotten around to telling y'all about Gertrude at
the cast party.  :)   So, for the time-being, we'll just file such tales
under "for later."


"Let's get together and feel alright..."
--Bob Marley.

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