written 2000-01-21 12:56:52

>      Perhaps this is the Ryan that is sending me all this mail about
> your cross country tour.  If I've reached the right person...kindly
> delete me from your blind copy mailing list.  To be quite honest I
> don't really have the time nor care about the cross country map
> tour.....I would imagine most people on it don't.

Mr. Hicks:

I can understand that you wouldn't have an interest in my travels don't know me. At least, I've never heard of you. AND i
would happilily remove you from my list, but you aren't on it. Perhaps
someone is forwarding the mails to you? Forward one of "my" emails to
this address, and I'll help you sort out where it came from, but I
promise I'm not just randomly mailing people...and I'm sorry you're
getting these against your will.


[Ed.-- I never got another response from this guy. (*shrug*)]

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