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Dear Sir/Madam

Several months ago, now, I bought a hard drive from you. Within two weeks of the purchase and insertion into my computer, it failed.

About two weeks later, I sent an e-mail to an address at your company I was given by one of your employees, which I've included in this letter for your information. I've now been waiting since [as you can see] the fifteenth of October to hear from you. This, on it's own, is clearly unacceptable behaviour towards a paying customer.

I ordered a new hard drive to replace the broken one. While doing that order, I was told that I would recieve my money back for this new drive, since it was technically a replacement drive and not a new purchase. I have since been advised that I will not be recieving any money back, as your company policy is to replace and not refund. I'm still not entirely sure what is going to happen in this respect.

For information not included in the e-mail, the drive's serial number is YJLZ4426.

I have since then logged a new query on your Customer Services page, about ten days ago. This, too, has not been replied to. In fact, I have yet to recieve confirmation that your customer services have even recieved my query.

I have now been waiting a considerable period of time for any reponse from your company at all, and am very displeased with your behavior on this matter.

I have spent a large amount of money with your company in the past, and am afraid that with your current behaviour, I am likely to cease spending with you - it is clearly unaccceptable for me to have bought a hard drive, then lose data and find that the company I bought it off is ignoring my requests to deal with this.

My phone number [also in the e-mail] is 0781-311-2101. You can feel free to contact me if you believe that I am doing anything wrong, or would like to correct this situation.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Briggs

Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:06:02 +0100
From: Gary Briggs <gjb105@cs.york.ac.uk>
To: mahesh@scan.co.uk
Subject: RMA Number Needed
I was given your e-mail address as the person to contact about this.
In June I ordered a 40G IBM hard drive [order ref: 475145].
About 3 days ago it packed in. I'm assuming the head has crashed from
the god-awful noise it makes, but it may be the bearings.
Either way, I currently have a non-working computer until I can get a
new drive for it.
It had been working perfectly OK until then. In fact, I was very happy
with it [hence I've ordered another one just like it]  
So I've just ordered a new one, ref: 510116.
At this point, I'm not sure what to do about getting the drive back to
you and getting a refund. I was told to put RMA in the subject, but
I'm not sure what to do now....
My address that you will have on record is
2A Park Way
My mobile number is 0781-311-2101. The reception around here is pretty   
bad, but it's the best way there is of contacting me at the moment
[also at this e-mail address]
Thank-you very much,
Gary Briggs

Gary (-;

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