NeoCool's Realm

All your code are belong to us !

Who we are.

Basically, we are uber-l33t, we wrote our first Unix in 1762, over 200 years before the invention of Unix. Unfortunately, there were no computers back then, so we delayed our first release for a couple of hundred years. We had a cooperation with IBM (International Bicycle Manufacturers) back then and guess what, those bastards used our fine SCO code for their new product 'Advanced bIcycle X' (AIX). That incident started one of the worst wars in human history, our war for the protection of our intellectual property.

What we do.

We basically sit on our asses the whole day. And because this does not generate any reasonable amount of money and we are lazy bastards, we came up with a pretty good business plan, it's our easy three-step program to success:
Step 1: Sue IBM.
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit
Now we are back to sitting on our asses and hope that our plan will start to bring us money before we starve to death.

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