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Patches for 2.4.20

Various jp15 Various enhancements taken from the jp15 kernel patchset. Includes: 032_driver-ide-cd-audio-dma, 038_i2c, 039_i2c-fix, 040_lmsensors, 054_ftpfs, 055_cdfs, 056_ftpfs-fix, 081_radeon-update.

NC patchset My own patchset which I use on my system and which is included in MaTRiX . Includes: ck6_2.4.20, 020_int_030417_ck_2.4.20, cpufreq-ck6-1.bz2, nforce2_030511_ck6, alsa090rc2_021215_ck_2.4.20 (all taken from Con Kolivas' site), the above mentioned various-jp15 patch, patch-int-, linux-2.4.20-ntfs-2.1.3a and finally the caffeine cat logo.

Patches for 2.4.21

Various jp15 This this the 2.4.21 port of the Various jp15 patch, look above for more information.

NC patchset My own patchset for 2.4.21. Includes: The above mentioned various-jp15 patch, 2.4.21-ck1, patch-0306190101_postck1, SP_0306102217, SM1.2.7_0305310109, XFS1.3.0pre2_0306172109, ACPI_0305311044, NF2_0305311048, BS_0306020027, (all taken from Con Kolivas' site), amd_cool, radeonfb-040603, alsa090rc2_021215, patch-int-, ntfs-2.1.3a, lufs-0.9.6 and finally the caffeine cat logo.

Cat logo This replaces the usual penguin logo for the framebuffer with a more appealing cat .

GCC3 fix This patch fixes some syntax errors of the linux-2.4.21-nc kernel patch when using GCC 3.3. You do not need this when you use an older GCC.

Patches for 2.4.22

NPTL1 This is a patchset ripped from RedHat's 2.4.22-1.2088.nptl kernel. It includes 2.4.22-ac1 with some fixes as well as the linux-2.4.22-ac1-nptl-A1.patch which enables you to compile a NPTL glibc on a 2.4.22 Linux system.

Flying Beaver patchset v1 This is the successor to the NC patchsets. It includes NPTL, fixes from both .23 and -ac1, various enhancements for desktops which -nc already had, as well as loop-AES. For a complete listing of all applied patches, look here. No warranty, yadda, yadda...
Update: Yes, this kernel IS vulnerable, you have to fear mremap exploits. The proof-of-concept exploit for vanilla 2.4.22 does not work though. I haven't decided yet if it is worth to do a 2.4.24-fb1 or if I'll just go straight with 2.6.

Patches for 2.4.23

UML This is my version of the User-Mode-Linux projects patch for 2.4.23, because that patch does not compile with the default configuration. With my patch you can just go ahead and use 'yes ""|make config ARCH=um' for the kernel configuration. Some scripts are coming Soon(TM).

Patches for 2.6.1
UML Look above, same thing, different version.

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