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Crazy Achmed's Evil Patch Repository

4bsd-1.0: This patch enables you to use some old 4bsd utilities on Linux.

Enlightenment DR 16: This patch fixes some issues e16 has with XFree 4.x.

Idesk: This fixes some little issues with Idesk on xft2 systems.

GCC 3.3: This is my port of the ProPolice patch for GCC which activates some protection against common exploits directly in your compiler.

Memtest86 3.0: This is a patch which enables you to compile memtest86 on a gcc 3.x system.

Glibc CVS (patch against 20040222): This patch disables the stupid c++-types-tests in recent Glibc CVS. You can now compile and test Glibc on a system with contains no g++ like you could before.

Binutils CVS (patch against 20040222): This patch disables the libiberty testsuite, because you don't usually want to install libiberty on your system. This is due to the libiberty devs saying that everyone who uses their library should include it in their package.

MPlayer CVS (patch against 20040308): This patch is a quick-and-dirty hack which adds the output of the ogginfo utility to the output of MPlayer during OGG playback. This is implemented by just linking the complete ogginfo code into MPlayer, so its a real no-no for upstream. Bug me enough and I might do a proper patch.

Mutt CVS (patch against 20040105): This is Justin RMS Hibbits sidebar patch modified for CVS since the original patch is for version 1.5.4. If it breaks, bug him!

Daemontools 0.76: This patch makes daemontools compatible with glibc 2.3.x headers.

hotplug (tested with 2003_08_05 and 2004_01_05): This patch enables the use of 'pcimodules' again on 2.6 kernels, this should be handled by sysfs magic, but I couldn't figure out how (the comment in the script seems to suggest that this isn't ready yet). This patch gets the initscript to behave on LFS-like systems. It also makes the Makefile install the init-script in /etc/rc.d/init.d.

freetype 1.3.1: This patch fixes one minor glitch which keeps you from compiling ft1 with recent gccs.

gift-0.1.9+3epsilon: This is a patch which fixes some minor issues with gcc-3.3 and glibc-CVS when using the GNU Image Finding Tool.

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