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hmm sounds promising, heh

Lloyd Taylor wrote:
| Below is an e-mail I sent to Mark Rein and this is the reply I
received directly from him.  Nothing new, but at least it's still
coming.  Later,
| -Lloyd
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| From: Mark Rein <Mark.Rein at epicgames.com>
| To: "movablev at yahoo.com" <movablev at yahoo.com>
| Sent: Sunday, July 6, 2008 8:46:33 AM
| Subject: Re: ut3
| Lloyd,
| It is still in the works.
| Mark Rein
| Epic Games, Inc.
| Visit us at www.epicgames.com
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|  From: Lloyd Taylor
| To: Mark Rein
| Sent: Fri Jul 04 18:08:45 2008
| Subject: ut3
| Mr. Rein,
| Just out of curiosity, is there any end in sight for the completion of
the linux client?  I purchased this game within a few days of its
release because I believed a linux client was forthcoming, but obviously
there have been some delays.
| I am thankful for Epic's continued devotion to offer linux games, and
look forward to other titles in the future.  For whatever reason, the
communication regarding this topic has been extremely limited; it's a
little  disconcerting from the viewpoint of the customer.
| Could you let us know whether Epic reads Ryan Gordon's UT3 Linux
mailing list (http://icculus.org/cgi-bin/ezmlm/ezmlm-cgi?64) and
consider committing to some periodic updates (even if they only say
"it's still coming").  The silence from Epic on this issue has led many
to believe that the linux client has been abandoned or that the linux
segment of your customer population has been forgotten.
| If this is the wrong venue for this request, please let me know and
I'll direct it wherever would be best.
| Thanks very much for your time,
| Lloyd Taylor

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