r994 - trunk

DONOTREPLY at icculus.org DONOTREPLY at icculus.org
Wed Nov 29 18:31:20 EST 2006

Author: zakk
Date: 2006-11-29 18:31:20 -0500 (Wed, 29 Nov 2006)
New Revision: 994

I think this is appropriate for 994 :)

Modified: trunk/NOTTODO
--- trunk/NOTTODO	2006-11-29 07:40:35 UTC (rev 993)
+++ trunk/NOTTODO	2006-11-29 23:31:20 UTC (rev 994)
@@ -19,3 +19,14 @@
 for non-Linux platforms to compile the game. This isn't changing.
 MP3 support. It is already done, see: http://icculus.org/quake3/?page=patches
+All development should take place on the trunk. This includes bug
+fixes, new features and experimental stuff.
+Release branches should not receive any commits that aren't also made
+to the trunk. Normally you /shouldn't/ commit to release branches as
+such commits are periodically merged from the trunk. These merges are
+harder to perform if there are sporadic commits made in the interim.
+Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ever commit to a tag. A tag is a static
+snapshot which is intended to be unchanging.

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