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Fri Nov 4 20:03:32 EST 2005

Author: floam
Date: 2005-11-04 20:03:32 -0500 (Fri, 04 Nov 2005)
New Revision: 276

Rename instructions page and mention SDL for Windows

Copied: trunk/web/include/help.php (from rev 275, trunk/web/include/instruc.php)

Modified: trunk/web/include/home.php
--- trunk/web/include/home.php	2005-11-05 00:54:36 UTC (rev 275)
+++ trunk/web/include/home.php	2005-11-05 01:03:32 UTC (rev 276)
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@
 	<li>OpenAL support</li>
 	<li>Binaries for Windows XP and Mac OS X at release. Linux will just get a source
 	package unless somebody feels inclined to set up a new installer.</li>
-	<li>Removal of DirectX for <acronym title="Microsoft Visual C++">MSVC</acronym>
-	and <a href="http://mingw.org" title="Minimalist GNU for Windows">MinGW</a> builds.</li>
+	<li>Remove DirectX from <acronym title="Microsoft Visual C++">MSVC</acronym>
+	and <a href="http://mingw.org" title="Minimalist GNU for Windows">MinGW</a> builds,
+	in favor of <a href="http://libsdl.org" title="Simple DirectMedia Layer">SDL</a>.</li>

Deleted: trunk/web/include/instruc.php
--- trunk/web/include/instruc.php	2005-11-05 00:54:36 UTC (rev 275)
+++ trunk/web/include/instruc.php	2005-11-05 01:03:32 UTC (rev 276)
@@ -1,95 +0,0 @@
-<h2>Check out and build from Subversion</h2>
-<p>( This part assumes Windows users are using Cygwin. If you aren't,
-<a href="http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/">TortoiseSVN</a> is a good client. )</p>
-	<li>Change into a directory that you want the tree to be kept in.</li>
-	<li>Check out the source tree:<br />
-	<span class="shell">svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/quake3/trunk quake3</span>
-	<br />
-	(You can check out a specific revision with the -r option, like this:
-	<span class="shell">svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/quake3/trunk quake3 -r100</span>)
-	</li>
-	<li>Read the <a href="http://svn.icculus.org/*checkout*/quake3/trunk/i_o-q3-readme">readme</a>
-	file. Really. Do it.</li>
-	<li>Compile and install Quake 3:
-		<ul>
-			<li><h3>Linux and friends</h3>
-				<ol>
-					<li>Install Quake 3 for Linux using the latest point release
-					installer. While the Quake3 engine is Free Software, you
-					still need to copy over legal PK3s like before.</li>
-					<li>Change into the top level directory (it contains the
-					<span class="shell">ui</span> and <span class="shell">code</span>
-					directories.)</li>
-					<li>Run <span class="shell">make</span>.</li>
-					<li>Set <span class="shell">$COPYDIR</span> to the directory
-					you installed Quake3 to	and make the copyfiles target.
-					Make sure you are changed to the owner of this path (probably
-					root).<br />
-					<span class="shell">COPYDIR="/opt/quake3" make copyfiles</span></li>
-				</ol>
-			</li>
-			<li><h3>Windows</h3>
-				<p>Building on Windows is slightly complicated. You can either
-				use Microsoft Visual C++ or MinGW. MinGW works better currently;
-				both methods are described in the
-				<a href="http://svn.icculus.org/*checkout*/quake3/trunk/i_o-q3-readme">readme</a>
-				you already are supposed to have read.</p>
-			</li>
-		</ul>
-	</li>
-	<li>If everything has gone well, you should have a binary that works! If not, seek
-	help.</li>
-<h2>Pay your dues, contribute!</h2>
-<p>If you've come up with an improvement or fixed something, we'd love to hear about it!
-Firstly, <em>try</em> to make sure that the patch breaks less than it fixes. We don't
-require everyone to be decorated Geniuses, but do attempt to produce a patch that you've
-tested and at list sort-of understand what you're doing.</p>
-<p>The preferred way to get the ball rolling on a patch is to file a
-<a href="http://bugs.icculus.org">Bugzilla bug</a> for your request with the patch attached
-to it and then send a notice to the mailing list about it. If you're really so lazy that
-you can't do this, we would prefer you at least <a href="mailto:zakk at icculus.org">mail
-it to zakk at icculus.org</a> rather than not do anything at all.</p>
-<p>Please make it clear if the patch you're submitting for inclusion isn't yours, and point out where you found it and who authored it. This is so we know who to attribute <del>blame to when it horribly
-breaks things</del> credit to.</p>
-<h2>Generating Patches</h2>
-<p>If you know how to code, but never made a patch before, that's okay. Here's the 10¢
-survival guide to generating patches.</p>
-	<li>
-		<h3>From <acronym title="Subversion">SVN</acronym></h3>
-		<p>If you checked the source code out with <acronym title="Subversion">SVN</acronym>,
-		the client makes it rather easy to generate patches. In fact it's a function
-		of the client itself. Once you've made a change in your checkout that is
-		not upstream, here is how you use it:</p>
-		<ul>
-			<li>Create a patch named <em class="shell">amazing_new_feature.patch</em>:</li>
-			<li><span class="shell">svn diff &gt; <em>amazing_new_feature.patch</em></span></li>
-			<li id="patch">Apply a patch <em class="shell">amazing_new_feature.patch</em>:<br />
-			<span class="shell">patch -p0 -i <em>amazing_new_feature.patch</em></span></li>
-		</ul>
-	</li>
-	<li>
-		<h3>From a tarball or other release</h3>
-		<p>If you didn't get the source code via <acronym title="Subversion">SVN</acronym>,
-		or for some reason that doesn't work for your situations, here's how to generate
-		them using the tried-and-trusted <span class="shell">diff</span> tool between
-		two files:</p>
-		<ul>
-			<li>Create a patch named <em class="shell">amazing_new_feature.patch</em> between <em class="shell">oldfile</em> and <em class="shell">newfile</em>:<br />
-			<span class="shell">diff -u <em>oldfile</em> <em>newfile</em> &gt; <em>amazing_new_feature.patch</em></span></li>
-			<li>Create a patch named <em class="shell">amazing_new_features.patch</em> between directory <em class="shell">olddir</em> and <em class="shell">newdir</em>:<br />
-			<span class="shell">diff -Naur <em>olddir</em> <em>newdir</em> &gt; <em>amazing_new_features.patch</em></span></li>
-			<li>Applying a patch is the same as with SVN, see  <a href="#patch">above</a>.</li>
-		</ul>
-	</li>
-<p>For more information on <span class="shell">diff</span>, <span class="shell">patch</span>,
-and <span class="shell">svn</span>, read their respective <span class="shell">man</span>
-and <span class="shell">info</span> pages. For a more in-depth guide on Subversion take
-a look at the <a href="http://svnbook.red-bean.com/"><acronym title="Subversion">SVN</acronym>

Modified: trunk/web/include/thebrain.php
--- trunk/web/include/thebrain.php	2005-11-05 00:54:36 UTC (rev 275)
+++ trunk/web/include/thebrain.php	2005-11-05 01:03:32 UTC (rev 276)
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 $navlist = array(
  "home" => "Home",
- "instruc" => "Instructions",
+ "help" => "Help",
  "status" => "Status"

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