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Tue Dec 11 16:52:03 EST 2012


           Summary: Rend2: Small issue (request) to Rend2.txt
           Product: ioquake3
           Version: SVN HEAD
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: Video
        AssignedTo: zakk at icculus.org
        ReportedBy: kuehnhammertobias at gmx.at
         QAContact: quake3-bugzilla at icculus.org

This itself, isn't a bug, but I think I should put this request here:

Please add more information to Rend2.txt!

For non-experienced GPU programmers some additional information is needed to
use ioquake3 + Rend2 and its features!
Information that perhaps should be included:

1. Where to put the glsl folder/files?:
   a. Not needed?
   b. Inside game directory, or inside baseq3 folder?
   c. Inside a new pak file?

   I bet most users didn't know that!

   NOTE: For me Rend2 only will work at all, when the "glsl" folder is inside
         a pak file, and if I rename "ioquake3.x86.exe" to "quake3.exe"!

2. As long as Rend2 was available as a patch:
   there was also a patch for: "GTKRadiant q3map2 hdr patch"
   Is this still needed for hdr (light)maps?

Again, I will not say, that this is a bug, but it would make it easier for
ioquake3 players and/or map creators to see the cool things of Rend2!


Testing System/OS:
Win7 64-bit/Nvidia GT 555M
same on:
WinXP 32 bit/Nvidia 8800 GTX
Latest drivers installed.

Ioquake3 Revision ioquake3 r2378, default files/paks etc.
default configuration settings + cl_renderer rend2

(compiled with MinGW on Win7 64-bit)


Tobias Kuehnhammer

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