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v25 of renderer patch


New in this patch is texture upsampling, based on FCBI
(www.andreagiachetti.it/icbi/).  I've added three cvars:

r_imageUpsample: control amount of upsampling: 0 is none, 1 is 2x width and
height, 2 is 4x, 3 is 8x, etc.  0 is default.
r_imageUpsampleType: control type of upsampling.  2 is FCBI, which uses first
and second order derivatives to fit edges.  1 is similar, but throws out the
second order derivatives for speed.  1 is default.
r_imageUpsampleMaxSize: control maximum texture resolution.  Defaults to 1024.

The downsizes to upsampling are increased load time (400ms per texture on my
machine for upscaling 256x256 to 2048x2048, type 2), increased memory
requirements (using r_ext_compressed_textures is recommended), and alignment
issues (FCBI rescales textures to 2*size-1, so I duplicate the bottom and right
border).  I've done quite a bit of optimization to relieve the first issue, but
I'm sure more could be done.

As well, to help out the Reaction team, I've included some of their renderer
modifications in this patch, but behind "#ifdef REACTION" so they aren't in the
way.  I've asked permission, and am releasing their changes under GPLv2. 
There's some code there for blur and crepuscular rays, but I'm not too familiar
with it, so I couldn't tell you how to get it working in your own maps.  Credit
to Makro (Andrei Drexler) and JBravo (Richard Allen) for this.

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