[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 4893] [botlib] AAS_PredictRoute segfaults reported in oa_dm1

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Thilo Schulz <arny at ats.s.bawue.de> changed:

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--- Comment #6 from Thilo Schulz <arny at ats.s.bawue.de> 2011-03-23 11:15:20 EDT ---
I can't reproduce the crash with the OpenArena version 0.95 that is
downloadable from openarena.ws, and I had a server running that map for 2 days
with 4 bots. The information is very sparse, I know not what ARCH this is
running on, gametype, what compiler flags does noopt/nostrip in
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS enable? etc...

The bug must also lie somewhere else than the displayed codelines, without
access to a gdb where this crash bug appeared I cannot help you.

Please note that the patch is buggy and will probably break bot navigation, so
I would advise against applying it to debian. Also, the patch is only a
workaround for an issue that lies somewhere else in the code. And I'm not going
to apply an ugly workaround to svn.

This is the pak file where my oa_dm1.aas resides:

431a43978abaa529335d0cf4e44d0b50  /opt/quake3/baseoa/pak6-misc.pk3

I'll close this bug as WORKSFORME. If you can talk the reporter into providing
a shell for me where I can investigate with gdb, by all means, reopen this

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