[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 4564] Use system libjpeg instead of bundled copy (optionally)

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Sun Mar 13 15:59:05 EDT 2011


--- Comment #27 from Thilo Schulz <arny at ats.s.bawue.de> 2011-03-13 15:59:03 EDT ---
> Speaking of libSDL, you said it had a dependency on libjpeg6? Surely you mean
> libSDL_image.so? I'd like to know whether it would be feasible or plausible to
> offload all image loading functions to libSDL_image?

Probably not all. I just saw it doesn't support saving to any image formats.
But maybe it would make sense as an additional, fallback image loader which
would enable ioquake3 to support a large number of file formats if so desired
with little effort.

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