[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 4927] ALC_ALL_DEVICES_SPECIFIER needs alext.h when using system OpenAL-Soft

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Sun Mar 13 11:48:09 EDT 2011


Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel at gmx.de> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Simon McVittie <smcv-ioquake3 at pseudorandom.co.uk> 2011-03-11 15:02:44 EST ---
It might also be advantageous to make the same change to the Windows equivalent
(about 3 lines up), but I left that alone since I don't know what the favoured
OpenAL implementation is on Windows.

The original OpenAL on Unix is the "Sample Implementation" from Creative, but
it seems all the major distributions probably use OpenAL-Soft instead these
days (details below).

One thing I'm not so sure about is whether Mac OS X has alext.h; if it doesn't,
it might need to be conditionalized, if people use the system OpenAL on Mac.
(Do they?)

* Debian gained OpenAL-Soft in June 2008 and lost the Sample Implementation
  in August 2008, according to http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/openal.html
  and http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/openal-soft.html; Ubuntu's package
  is identical

* Fedora removed the Sample Implementation in favour of OpenAL-Soft in
  2009, according to http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=openal.git

* Gentoo switched in 2008, according to

* Mandriva, OpenSUSE and Arch seem to have OpenAL-Soft in recent
  releases, according to http://pkgs.org/package/openal

--- Comment #2 from Ludwig Nussel <ludwig.nussel at gmx.de> 2011-03-13 11:48:04 EDT ---
openSUSE since July 2008 (11.1/SLE11).

Applied, thanks.

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