[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 3371] Rejoining a server causes hang on map load screen

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Tim Angus <tim at ngus.net> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Tim Angus <tim at ngus.net> 2011-01-27 11:56:28 EST ---
<Thilo> i also have a theory to your bug, timbo.
<Thilo> all the client connecting stuff is pretty messed up
<Thilo> the server will send a serverId in the gamestate message at the
<Thilo> if a new map is loaded, or even map_restart is done, the serverId
changes, and thus the server will not accept the user's move commands
<Thilo> if it doesn't accept the move commands, it will not send out an initial
<Thilo> it will send out snapshots before then, but the client won't accept
them because the server flags them as invalid as long as the client isn't
<Thilo> and the client will never be CS_ACTIVE as long as it doesn't send out
valid move commands
<Thilo> kind of a vicious circle
<Thilo> and only if the client has an initial snapshot, will cgame start the
command handling from the server, where the server tells the client about a
changed serverId

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