[quake3-bugzilla] [Bug 4346] ioq3ded enters endless loop if stdin is not a tty

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Working work-around + fix com_speeds output on dedicated server

You made me curious even if that case isn't so important.

I found 2 problems.

Firstly, when STDIN is /dev/null, a select on it returns immediately. So in
Com_Frame(), Com_Event_Loop() checks are returning after no event found giving
many times in the same ms. So it mostly results with a 0ms delay and then will
loop checking for new event. Then Com_Event_Loop() will be called as most as
possible during 1 ms.

I tried to force a Sys_Sleep() in the loop, but that did nothing... And I found
in fact, on Unix, Sys_Sleep() is based on waiting event on STDIN with a
timeout. When STDIN is /dev/null, as I said, it returns immediately... So
Sys_Sleep() is not useable when stdin is set to /dev/null.

I finally found a way to fix that case when console is disabled using
"nanosleep" calls only when console is disabled. It is working on my linux
x86_64 system (Fedora 11). I attached the patch. I don't think it is the best,
so feel free to enhance it.

Also, I saw com_speeds usage is providing wrong output on dedicated server. The
patch contains also a fix for this minor case.

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