[Bug 3928] Use system cpp instead of q3cpp

bugzilla-daemon at icculus.org bugzilla-daemon at icculus.org
Tue Jan 20 01:42:44 EST 2009


------- Comment #6 from monk at rq3.com  2009-01-20 01:42 EDT -------
As apparently one of the only people using visual studio, I say go for it if it
doesn't mess anything else up on the other platforms.  Visual studio doesn't
have any project files for compiling any of the tools anyway, though I can try
to make one maybe after this gets applied.  As long as a windows user has a
mingw install that can build the qvm tools, it shouldn't be a big deal.  I
assume most tinkering with ioq3 will be in the game code, not the supporting
tools anyway.

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