[Bug 3928] Use system cpp instead of q3cpp

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Thu Jan 15 02:20:42 EST 2009


------- Comment #4 from monk at rq3.com  2009-01-15 02:20 EDT -------
Yes, Visual Studio projects are currently set up just to make the quake 3
binaries, not any of the tools.

That being said, where is q3cpp used?  I am using the Q3 1.32b mod SDK to
create QVMs and I see that there's a q3cpp.exe there.  In the QVM generation
batch files/scripts, let's see...

set cc=lcc.exe -DQ3_VM -S -Wf-target=bytecode -Wf-g -I..\..\cgame -I..\..\game
q3asm -f ../game

So I'm not using that q3cpp.exe anywhere... is it automagically called by lcc
or q3asm or something?

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