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------- Comment #14 from monk at rq3.com  2009-01-15 02:05 EDT -------
Ok, I finally had a chance to check things out.  SVN 1492, fresh into a new
directory.  I then snagged the quake3.vcproj file from this bug and overwrote
the one in /misc that was in SVN.  I also got the config.h from bug 3857 for
/libspeex, fired up VS2008 on WinXP SP3, and it compiled just fine.  Well, lots
of type mismatch warnings and the UI module didn't compile, but that's "normal"
with VS2008.  No problems with JPEG and USE_LOCAL_HEADERS is already defined.  

I'm guessing you snagged the quake3.vcproj from SVN and were modifying that or
thought that that one was supposedly the "fixed" one I provided?  This bug has
yet to be committed so the SVN project files are pretty old.  Also, it seemed
that just modifying the "quake3" project as part of the overall ioq3 "solution"
was enough to get VS2008 (and VS2005) to compile just right.  Maybe the cgame,
q3_ui, and ui projects didn't need the same dependencies and so haven't needed
tweaking in 3+ years, I dunno.  I figured it they weren't broke, don't fix 'em!

For someone evaluating this bug for inclusion, I'd recommend ignoring the two
patches that Mr. Jacques submitted as I think they were made based on the
quake3.vcproj in SVN, not based on the quake3.vcproj I attached to this bug. 
Unless my assumption is wrong and there's just something really hosed up?  But
I think that's what happened--wrong quake3.vcproj was assumed to be "fixed".

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