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------- Comment #12 from gordallott at gmail.com  2008-09-29 12:32 EDT -------
(In reply to comment #11)
> I recently integrated this patch into my ioq3-based project, and found that
> sometimes a vid_restart will turn the screen black - the console can still be
> used and I can quit safely, but the application is obviously unusable.  Was
> this the "vid-restart bug" you mentioned earlier?  If so, any ideas on how to
> fix it?

its been nearly a year since i touched this code so i'm not sure if its the
same bug (i don't even remember what it is) but for sanities sake i took apart
the codebase to figure out where the bug was at least. 
It seems to be localised to creating a new framebuffer after a gl context
switch, essentially gl doesn't like creating some framebuffers and then
creating a new context and creating some more framebuffers

I don't really have the time to delve deap into the q3 source to figure out how
to make it play nice at the moment so i would suggest that you just disable the
framebuffer path on a vid_restart (just have a variable check how many times
the init function is called, if its more than once just return from the
endframe/init/shutdown functions stright away) - its not perfect but it would
at least leave you with a screen you can see rather than blackness.

If you do manage to fix it don't forget to post the fix here :)

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