[Bug 3771] New Visual Studio 2005 project file

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Wed Dec 31 12:58:23 EST 2008


------- Comment #10 from AnthonyJ at planetquake.com  2008-12-31 12:58 EDT -------
> As a final gotcha, the rename of jpeg-6 to jpeg-6b hasn't been updated in the
> MSVC project (see patch).

Checking the versions in this bug, I see that we've duplicated some effort
here, and that you've made other changes - like defining the USE_LOCAL_HEADERS
constant - my patches were relative to SVN head, not this bug, as I only
checked the bugzilla after successfully building...

Your vcproj still references openal32.lib SDLMain.lib, SDL.lib, libcurl.lib etc
though, so the main issue of needing to go find these elsewhere is still an
open issue.

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