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------- Comment #7 from AnthonyJ at planetquake.com  2008-12-31 12:40 EDT -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> I haven't looked into the project file he has, but the VS2005 project file in
> my patch has been tested to work with VS2005 and VS2008 on Win2K and WinXP
> coming from fresh OS install and compiler install to finished compile (hooray
> for VMs!)

That appears not to be the case (at least, with SVN rev 1489). That bug seems
to be trying to resolve the same build issues I have - ioq3 depends on a number
of 3rd party libs which are not included, ie:
- OpenAL
- libcurl

The USE_LOCAL_HEADERS option pulls in the headers from the ioquake3 dir, but as
the .lib files are not in the SVN so you cannot link unless you independently
find the appropriate .lib's from the 3 above projects.

Note that the USE_LOCAL_HEADERS option is not currently used in the MSVC
project. It's also broken at the moment as it doesn't have the correct paths to
local files, so it defaults to searching system folders anyway (see patch).

As a final gotcha, the rename of jpeg-6 to jpeg-6b hasn't been updated in the
MSVC project (see patch).

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