[Bug 3343] Problems with profiling

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Sat Sep 15 21:46:54 EDT 2007


------- Comment #4 from nixpenguin at gmail.com  2007-09-15 21:46 EDT -------
> [-funroll-loops] does seem detrimental in some cases without [profile feedback].
Or maybe using an overly-optimized OpenAL isn't such a great idea. Oops.

Anyways, regarding profiling:

In order to generate all of the arcs feedback files, I have to attach to ioQ3
with gdb and call __gcov_flush() (an idea found here:
Shouldn't the game exit cleanly so that this won't be necessary?

Also, I'm trying to compile & link with the -pg flag so that I can profile with
gprof (this may help to track down the Intel -march=i686+ problem). That works
fine, but once again, the file that is supposed to be generated, gmon.out, is
missing. I'm not sure what function to call here, either.

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