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Preserves KEYCATCH_CONSOLE flag in Key_SetCatcher

This "race the intro" quirk has a special place in my heart, but it would be
nice to finally be rid of it.

The issue seems to be the ui module. There are instances when Key_SetCatcher is
called and it blows away KEYCATCH_CONSOLE. It could be remedied in those
specific instances, but from what I understand, it would only take effect for
people who are running ioquake3 qvms. This is probably not always the case,
especially for mods.

Once a call enters the engine, this patch prevents the KEYCATCH_CONSOLE bit
from taking the passed in value, and keeps the current one instead. This fixes
the "race the intro" condition, but will affect some other cases as well. For
instance, when a match finishes and the winners are standing on their
pedestals, the console will now remain open (if it was open just before the
match ended). I skimmed some of the places where it will potentially affect
behavior, but nothing leaped out at me. I can't conceive of how some of those
ui events that use Key_SetCatcher would occur if the console is open, and if it
is possible (like the post-game winner pedestals), I'm inclined to think that
it's fine since the user probably has a good reason for having the console
opened in the first place.

It should be noted that cinematics will still close the console when they
begin. While that's not an issue for vanilla (since it only has the id logo),
mods that have multiple intro cinematics may still prove to me an annoyance for
a user who wants to start mucking in the console right away.

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