[Bug 3206] Mouse Acceleration in Mac OS X

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Sat Jul 28 22:23:17 EDT 2007


------- Comment #10 from thebenmachine at googlemail.com  2007-07-28 22:23 EDT -------
Although I don't have ioquake3, I play Tremulous which is based on it, and
recently merged this patch into its source. Since then, I have found it
incredibly difficult to navigate menus as my mouse crawls along the screen at a
snail's pace. Had I not been informed of and searched for this patch, I would
have assumed this was the introduction, rather than a fix, of a bug. Disabling
the new cvar restores mosue behaviour to normal

Assuming this is the normal behaviour, I think either the mouse speed with this
cvar on should be enhanced, or the cvar should default to off so players are
not caught by unexpected behaviour.

I realise that this is not the most helpful comment given that I can't be sure
the problem even occurs in ioq3 rather than just Tremulous, but I felt the need
to point it out.

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