[quake2] Open source mod with no commercial dependencies?

Josh Justice josh at joshjustice.com
Mon Apr 26 13:57:38 EDT 2010

I'm very new to Quake II open source. I first got into it just this month with the Quake II GWT project, which has ported the Quake II engine to run in a browser with no plug-ins under HTML5. It's still a work in progress, but very cool. But there's one hitch: since the Quake II demo resources are commercial, you can't publicly host it anywhere. You have to install it locally, which takes some library set-up and console commands.

I really wish there was a way to host it publicly somewhere, so that anyone with a WebKit nightly build could go there and try it out easily. To do that, what we'd need is a full set of mod resources that have no dependencies on the commercial Quake 2 resources. This means that you could run it with just the Quake II engine open source code, and this open-source mod: no demo resources. That would mean totally different levels, models, textures, and sounds.

Does such a thing exist? I have no idea if all mods are patches to the commercial resources, or if something this standalone exists. Please let me know - it would be very cool to have Quake II running in the browser! Let me know if what I've said makes no sense because of my ignorance of all this,

If you're interested in running it locally on Mac or Linux, I've made some additions to their instructions to make it easier:


Josh Justice
josh at joshjustice.com
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