[quake2] Question

coyote at cojot.name coyote at cojot.name
Mon Oct 16 09:11:45 EDT 2006


Thanks for the patches, it's great news..
Do you have a tarball available somewhere? I'd like to test non-reg on 
some other platforms (I.e: solaris/x86 and sparc..)



On Mon, 16 Oct 2006, qudos wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a few patches ready, hability to load old mods, i.e, eraser,
> lithium, gladiator, ..., sound, sdl, bug fixes, etc.
> It's tested only on Linux for now, in days i'll test on FreeBSD too.
> I won't send patches to the list since is big patch and the changes
> can take ages, if i can join to the develop team the source can be
> updated in 2/3 days, so.
> Anyways, an ebuild for gentoo is practically done.
> Cu.

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