[quake2] (Really Quake II)

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 16 08:47:12 EST 2006

> On 14/01/06, Rick Knight <rick_knight at rlknight.com> wrote:
> What is Quake 3A? Is it something other than Quake 3?

--- Adam Mercer <ramercer at gmail.com> wrote: Quake3 Arena?

Id Software calls it "Quake III Arena"
Quake III Gold contains Quake III Arena & Quake III: Team Arena

Id Software calls the sequel "Quake 4", while Activision
sometimes refers to it as "Quake IV".

Quake 4 is the first title without Roman numerals ("Quake"

Confusing at times - we just call Quake II, Quake 2.


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