[quake2] Original quake2 game bug

Jay Dolan jasonthomasdolan at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 16:25:51 EST 2006

--- Nick Warne <nick at linicks.net> wrote:

> And here is a new thread about the new ID bug - I
> wasn't sure if it was 
> intentional, but it has to be a bug - otherwise why
> just leave out the rocket 
> launcher and include railgun (e.g.)?  Others tend to
> disagree with me though:
> http://www.quakesrc.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6025

Thanks for the link.  I agree that it's a bug.  Either
way, it can be 'fixed' in icculus or q2f without
hurting anyone.  Something this minor could hardly be
considered an 'incompatible change' - even if it did
produce slightly different behavior from the original

*pokes around quakesrc*

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