Original quake2 game bug

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Tue Jan 10 14:49:52 EST 2006

I found a Xatrix bug yesterday in that the 'ionripper' was called 
'ionrippergun' (non-existant) and thus failed on the noAmmoWeapon change.

Testing today, I see that the rocket launcher is not in that list - looking at 
original ID code, it isn't there either.

In p_weapon.c locate the function NoAmmoWeaponChange (edict_t *ent)

You will see the rocket_launcher is missing.

This needs adding to the list:

        if ( ent->client->pers.inventory[ITEM_INDEX(FindItem("rockets"))]
                &&  ent->client->pers.inventory[ITEM_INDEX(FindItem("rocket 
launcher"))] )
                ent->client->newweapon = FindItem ("rocket launcher");

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