[quake2] Fwd: ALSA sound support

Jamie Wilkinson jaq at spacepants.org
Mon Jan 9 19:19:04 EST 2006

This one time, at band camp, Jay Dolan wrote:
>--- "O.Sezer" <sezeroz at gmail.com> wrote
>> Out of curiosity, where is the qf/q2f svn (and/or
>> cvs)
>> repository?  Links on the www.quakeforge.net page
>> are
>> broken and I thought that that project was dead.

q2f pretty much; I lost time to work on it, and there were far more
contributors to icculus q2 that it seemed a waste of effort to duplicate it.

I dunno about the rest of the project; my company hosts the site and mailing lists but no-one's ever contacted me about getting access to them :)

>Yea, I think it is, too - I just don't know when to
>quit ;)

Awesome, nonetheless. :)

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