[quake2] Quake2 dedicated Bad Challenge

Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Mon Sep 19 16:32:32 EDT 2005

On Monday 19 September 2005 21:17, Ethan A Burns wrote:
> 	I am having problems running quake2's dedicated server feature on my
> FreeBSD box at home.  I do quake2 +set dedicated 1 and the server starts
> up.  I can connect fine a first time, however, when I try to connect again
> after the first time I keep getting a Bad Challenge error.  The only thing
> that has seemed to fix this so far is restarting the server.
> 	Has anyone else had this problem?  Does anyone know a fix for this yet?

Well, here is the code:

313         // see if the challenge is valid
314         if (!NET_IsLocalAddress (adr))
315         {
316                 for (i=0 ; i<MAX_CHALLENGES ; i++)
317                 {
318                         if (NET_CompareBaseAdr (net_from, 
319                         {
320                                 if (challenge == 
321                                         break;          // good
322                                 Netchan_OutOfBandPrint (NS_SERVER, adr, 
"print\nBad challenge.\n");
323                                 return;
324                         }
325                 }
326                 if (i == MAX_CHALLENGES)
327                 {
328                         Netchan_OutOfBandPrint (NS_SERVER, adr, "print\nNo 
challenge for address.\n");
329                         return;
330                 }
331         }

It seems to me to be a 'local' network vs not 'local' network issue, and not a 
BSD problem.  Is your box on the internet?  If so, pass me IP to see if I can 
connect OK?

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