[quake2] ALSA sound issue and sdl sound issue

Nelson Marques nmarques at xpto.org
Mon Sep 19 15:56:03 EDT 2005

There's a set of tools for ALSA that allow you to use a equalizer and 
tune it accordingly to your needs.
That might eventually solve your issue. I'm not sure what's the correct 
tool, because I don't use ALSA since I dropped SuSE Linux about 4 or 5 
years ago, but I'm pretty sure it's there. If it's a RPM based distro, 
you can try to figure out wich binaries it installs, for example: rpm 
-ql package | more  (should display a listing of the installed files, 
check for /bin/*).

Hope it helps,

Ethan A Burns wrote:

>I have two sound issues.  The sound for ALSA on quake2 binary sounds like a 
>high pitched machine gun.  I have seen another post on this on Sept 1st 
>in the archive:
>It sounds like the exact same problem, I was wondering if there was going 
>to be a fix soon, or if there is a way to fix this already?
>I am also experiencing problems with the sdlquake2 binary, the sounds are all
>fine, except for sounds with a lot of bass.  For example the sound when moving
>up and down on the menu sounds like crap, it is very delayed, very low pitch
>and is elongated.  Is this a problem with the sdl in quake or would that be a 
>problem on my part?
>By the way: 
>My install is via gentoo's portage, I am not running kde (or arts), 
>my kernel is vanilla, and my sound card is an intel using the ac97

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