[quake2] Error during start

Alex Burger alex at fragit.net
Fri Sep 16 21:52:28 EDT 2005

I just did a fresh install using the Loki installer and I am getting the 
same error.  I don't have a ref_softx.so in the installed folder.

I just looked at the RPM version and it does include the ref_softx.so 
file.  When I try to run that version, I get the error saying it can't 
find colormap.pcx.


Daniel Seichter wrote:
> Hello,
> I've downloaded the packages again and was able to install. Now have the
> problem on start up.
> Please help, thanks:
> # /usr/local/share/games/quake2/quake2 
> using /home/daniel/.quake2/baseq2/ for writing
> couldn't exec default.cfg
> couldn't exec config.cfg
> Console initialized.
> ------- Loading ref_softx.so -------
> LoadLibrary("ref_softx.so") failed: No such file or directory
> Refresh failed
> recursive shutdown
> Error: Couldn't fall back to software refresh
> What is ref_softx.so? What else I have to install?
> Daniel

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