[quake2] news on the webpage

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Tue Nov 15 13:32:44 EST 2005

Brendan Burns wrote:

>That would be me ;-P
>IRC channel info now added to the page.  
>I think a better place for the TODO list is in the source tree.  Do you
>have any items you want to be on it?
>On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 15:00 +0100, Anders Storsveen wrote:
>>who here manages the webpage and the news on it? perhaps a mention of
>>the brand spanking new irc channel #icculus.org/quake2 on there
>>somewhere would be nice. and perhaps a todo-list or something?
I sure do! Items for the todo list:

- Mouse fixes, mouse unification ( try to make the mouse work and work
the same on all rendering modes ( isn't it weird with mouse handled in
each render too?)
- Regular q2 (not qmax for some reason) performance problems with
ati-drivers (getting 20-40 fps in 1024 with regular and 200 (with
cl_maxfps 200) with qmax
- Maybe splitting network update rate, and rendering stuff, I think it
has been done it r1q2.
- Implementing hwgamma in SDLGL, sdlgl (AND actually windows' opengl
renderer uses some software hack for brightness) while glxgl (and I
think glide for 3dfx in windows) uses hwgamma, which is far superiour.
- stability fixes, segfaults on modechanges and stuff.

someone else feel free to add ;)

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