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Nick Warne nick at linicks.net
Tue Mar 29 14:50:13 EST 2005

On Tuesday 29 March 2005 20:42, qudos qudos wrote:
> Oops, don't understand,
> then must to be comment or deleted the line
> 'assert( sides != 0 );'
> or?
> As like fails in the sdlquake binary and not in the game.so
> <>
> sdlquake2: src/game/q_shared.c:411: BoxOnPlaneSide: Assertion `sides
> != 0' failed.
> </>
> What happen if i comment the line?

As I said, I never could work out what it meant.  q_shared.c is a common file 
throughout most quake2 game [mod] code.  My dday server crashed sometime 
during the map it happened on with that error.  It was just on map that it 
happened on, and the mapper couldn't suss either.  So I changed the code to 

 sides = 0;
        if (dist1 >= p->dist)
                sides = 1;
        if (dist2 < p->dist)
                sides |= 2;

 //       assert( sides != 0 );  // will remove this line.

        return sides;

The map never crashed afterwards, and no untoward effects seemed to happen 
either.  This isn't a fix, but a hack I done to stop this peculiar problem.

It would be nice to see why though, as production code shouldn't have an 
ASSERT left in... it may be left over from ID's development days.

Uncomment it and see:

 //       assert( sides != 0 ); 

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