[quake2] ati-driver and q2 performance

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Sat Mar 19 07:40:02 EST 2005

I have the same fps in both glx and sdl in quake2. quake3 is always good.

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 03:52:06 +0100, Nelson Marques <nmarques at netvisao.pt>  

> Hi,
>  You forgot prolly the most important, SDL or GLX, I doubt that you get  
> such a poor performance using GLX, quake 3 uses GLX. That is the most  
> likely explanation.
>  Best regards,
>  nmarques
> Anders Storsveen wrote:
>> what is it with the ati-driver that gives so crappy performance in  
>> quake2?  I have great performance in quake3. 125 fps constant i  
>> 800x600, in 640 in  q2 I get around 50 fps...

Anders Storsveen
The Next Generation

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