[quake2] Highly erratic mouse behavior

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Thu Mar 17 19:17:43 EST 2005

the mouse jumping back problem could be just mouse specific for you, does  
it do the same in X? it could be that you move the mouse to fast for the  
optics to keep up. but probably not, since you have reported it as a bug.

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 23:18:52 +0100, Julien Langer <jlanger at zigweb.de>  

> On Do, 2005-03-17 at 19:44 +0100, Anders Storsveen wrote:
>> well, does it move the opposite direction when moving it very slow? in  
>> glx?
> nope it doesn't
> However the mouse in GLX sometimes jumps a few pixels back, but that
> also happens when moving the mouse very fast. I reported this bug
> several times on this list but it hasn't been fixed yet.
> But I think this bug is not what you are talking about.

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