[quake2] Q2Max effects (stain mapping)

Karen Pouelle hockeyvixen at yahoo.ca
Thu Mar 17 14:07:00 EST 2005

--- kokox <kokolokox2000 at yahoo.es> wrote:
> I was doing some changes in pics with no success, What to do then?

They're not pics, they're lights.  The distribution is the same as any other
dynamic light placed near a textured surface. Later effects (not ported) use
decals for bullet holes, but still most efficient method is dynamic lighting
trick, even though the look is not entirely accurate.

You can do a vid_restart to clear the dynamic lighting stain list, and you
can also turn off the stain mapping by turning off dyanmic lighting.  The
effect is useful in deathmatch to tell where action is. 

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