[quake2] test

Anders Storsveen wakko at generation.no
Wed Mar 16 17:39:58 EST 2005

yup, that was the problem. I didn't even see my own posts. so I though  
there was something wrong with my mail. So I tried unsubscribing and  
resubscribing and on and on.. then suddenly I got a lot of posts back :D

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:33:21 +0100, Nick Warne <nick at linicks.net> wrote:

> On Wednesday 16 March 2005 22:28, Anders Storsveen wrote:
>> it sure did! hehe
>> I've had a problem with this list a while now.
> It's a funny mailing list... nothing for weeks then you get 8 or 9  
> sporadic
> mails.  Then nothing again for weeks on end.
> But it does work!
> Nick

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