[quake2] Highly erratic mouse behavior

Anders Storsveen anders at generation.no
Sat Mar 12 11:35:00 EST 2005

I'm 100% sure that this problem is mouse accelleration related. I have  
been whining about this for years now, linux
seems to have mouse accelleration that is impossible to turn off... It's  
like this in every game! I've posting
around the net on this, and no one seems to figure it out.

I've done xset m 0 0 and set the mouseaccel to 1x in kde. but nothing  

If you try to move the mouse very slowly you will get the following  
artifacts, in SDL you will get no or slow
movment, and in glx you will get negative movment and if you speed up a  
little you will get zero movment and then
correct movment again. I'm definantly sure that this is some problem with  
how X or some other backend handles mouse
and mouse accelleration. I'm also betting that, in regular x with mouse  
acceleration set to "off" there is still
mouse acceleration, even though it is hard to detect.

If someone made an app that compared raw mouse input to the length  
actually moved on the desktop I'm sure the
length would change dependant on the speed, even though the physical  
length moved stays the same. But what I'm sure
of is that mouse acceleration in the game is what this problem is, it also  
affects other games including quake3!

It's stupid to have to dualboot to windows to play games that are native  
in linux and performes very well (and even
better in the case of q3) in linux when compared to windows.

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:46:07 -0500, Tom Murphy <q2 at yggdrasil.ath.cx> wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 11:35:52AM -0500, Brendan Burns wrote:
>> If you set BUILD_AA to no in the Makefile, it doesn't need aalib...
>> You can change renderers with:
>> sdlquake2-qmax +set vid_ref sdlgl
>> or
>> sdlquake2-qmax +set vid_ref glx
>> Note that such changes are sticky, e.g. they modify the default value
>> used in the future
>> if nothing is specified...
>> --brendan
> OK under sdlgl it runs fine, mouse works properly and everything.
> Under glx, it's screwed up as before.
> I think that's why the other quake 2 ran OK.. it was under all SDL mode.
> Tom

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